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Don't Let Bed Bugs Ruin Your Summer!

Each summer, many families pack their bags in excitement and travel to a beautiful destination for a much needed vacation. In the midst of relaxing by the pool and playing in the sand, many travelers may be unaware of the overwhelmingly increasing presence of bed bugs throughout hotels and resorts. One of the main reasons for the sudden increase in bed bug problems throughout hotels and resorts is because these bloodsucking bugs can be easily transported from one place to another in human belongings such as suitcases, purses, or backpacks. In fact, 75% of pest professionals have treated bed bugs in hotels and motels, according to the 2013 Bugs Without Borders Survey.

If you encounter a bed bug problem, it might result in a disruptive and itchy end to your vacation. Fortunately, there are several steps that can be taken to prevent bed bugs in your hotel room.

  • In your hotel room, make sure to inspect the entire room before unpacking. Check theBed Bugs on Mattress mattress seams for pepper-like stains.
  • Place your luggage away from walls and make sure to put a protective cover to store your luggage during your vacation.
  • If bed bugs are present in the room, contact hotel management and request a room change.
  • If a room change is requested, do not move to an adjacent room. Bed bugs can travel very easily through wall sockets and luggage.
  • Wash and dry all clothes before returning home.

If these tips are followed carefully and you are cautious and observant throughout your stay, bed bugs won’t stand a chance!

If you do encounter bed bugs in your home, give us a call at 817.447.0438 and we will take care of your home!

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