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What Do Termites Look Like?

It is well known termites love wood. In one mass invasion, they can destroy homes and eat up the trees you’ve worked so hard to plant and maintain. It would be nice if these wood-eating pests would just stay in the woods and leave your property alone, however it’s better to be prepared and be on the look out.

What do termites look like?

1. In contrast to flying ants, which are commonly mistaken for termites, termites have two visible body parts: a head and a body. Ants have three: head, abdomen and thorax. If the insect you are looking at does not have three visible body parts but has a head and a long body, it is probably a termite.

2. Like swarming ants a swarming termite has four wings. The difference being, a swarming termite’s four wings are of equal length when spread out.

3. Though you may visualize termites imbedded deep into wood, it is actually common to see a winged termite on the outside.  Their purpose is to lay eggs inside your home. Those eggs will into a colony, and that colony can cause sever devastation to your property.

4. A termite mound can reach up to four feet tall. Termite mounds are very distinctive. They are wedge-shaped and have long axis orienting from the north to south.

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